How Newsflare works

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Newsflare is where the world’s media come to buy your video

News has changed! Videos shot by everyday people just like you are being used in news bulletins, documentaries, entertainment shows and on websites.
We believe in the value of video to tell richer, more compelling stories that would otherwise go untold.
Newsflare sells viral video stories and breaking news videos to global media and news organisations every day. They’re searching our site right now, so don’t delay uploading your videos.
If you think your video is valuable, there’s a strong chance our video buyers will too!

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Making money

Our technology allows us to match the right video, with the right buyers, fast, giving your video the best chance of exposure and you, the reward you deserve
Newsflare shares 50% sales commission, direct with our video contributors and is completely free to use.
Many Newsflare members make hundreds and some make thousands!

Who buys video from Newsflare?

We have a wide range of media clients from around the world, some names you will recognise including:

Who shoots Newsflare video?

Great videos are uploaded to Newsflare every day, from all around the world.
Newsflare videos are created and uploaded by a diverse global community of both amateur and professionals flmers, who capture stories from all walks of life, that often too breaking, too remote or too local for traditional news organisations to cover.
We accept videos shot on any device, from smartphones, dash-cams, helmet-cams, drones and camcorders right through to professional 4K video camera equipment - anyone can get involved!
If you shoot great video you should get paid.

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Video assignments

Don’t worry if you don’t have a video to upload, check out our video assignment briefs
Whatever your interests in life, Newsflare will almost certainly have a video brief for you to shoot. If not, check back soon, as new worldwide assignments are posted regularly.

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