YouTube Programme

Can you help me make money from my video on YouTube?

We are a YouTube Partner and we offer a YouTube monetization programme as an optional extra service.

How it works?

It’s possible to make money by putting adverts on your YouTube video. We share with you all the revenue generated from these adverts. (This is a separate activity to standard video licensing that we offer).

Why should I monetize my video on YouTube through Newsflare?

As well as managing and promoting your video, as a YouTube Partner we can find every copy of your video on YouTube and claim advertising revenue from those copies for you.

If you choose to monetize your video on YouTube through Newsflare, you will also benefit from being paid when you have earned £10 as opposed to $100 (approximately £60) in advertising revenue from your video.

Please note that if your video is also published on one of our revenue share partner's websites (Yahoo!, MSN, AOL and the Telegraph) any earnings from these partners will also count towards your £10 threshold.

What next?

Once you agree to us monetizing your video on YouTube, we will review your collection of videos to ensure they comply with YouTube T&Cs. We will also review your collection and choose those that we think will perform best and make you money.

Once we review your videos, and select those recommended we will make an 'ownership' claim on your video.

You will receive a slightly scary sounding message from YouTube about copyright which you can ignore. The video still belongs to you, we just need to "claim" it so that we can start making money for you.

The video will remain on your channel but you will start to see adverts around it.

When will I get paid the money my video has made through YouTube monetization?

Because YouTube monetization relies on views, it takes a while for advertising revenue to add up. You will receive payment for YouTube advertising revenue 60 days following the end of the month that your video was monetized through Newsflare.

How do I monetize my video on YouTube through Newsflare?

If you were sent an upload form by a member of our Newsdesk there will be a box you can tick to give us permission to monetize your video on Newsflare. If you are uploading your video via the website and would like to monetize your video on YouTube through Newsflare, please get in touch with our Newsdesk right away ( and they will make arrangements.