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Bodyboard @ Praia do Norte (Sumol Nazaré Special Edition 2014) Aerial Footage

plmiranda says:
Sumol Nazaré Special Edition 2014 took place in Praia do Norte - Nazaré - Portugal. This was our view from the sky, enjoy! The power of Nazaré has been confirmed, once again, this time with some of the best bodyboarders in the planet. The jet ski team had a particularly busy day. Competitors would finish their rides, and had to battle strong currents and heavy close-outs before returning to the line-up. ---------- Note: This Edition Cut was initially made for the following soundtrack: "Stellamara - Prituri se Planinata (Nit Grit Remix)", if you're purchasing this footage you should really think about getting the copyright on that song, you can check how the footage and music combine here: https://vimeo.com/89823607

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